Monday, January 28, 2008

Hooray! Toons is back on the tube

21 January, 2008 - Cheer up kids, you can now watch your favourite cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Batman, and company again because Cartoon Network (CN) is back! A favourite channel among children, Cartoon Network went off the air just as schools closed for the winter hols.
Cable operators said that it was a technical problem with the decoder, which sends signals to each cable operator.

“They were replacing the old decoders with new ones, so there’s a change in frequency and that’s why it took some time,” said Karma from Norling cable service. Norling reinstated the channel on January 10.

Etho Metho cable service told Kuensel that by today they would be receiving their receiver from Kolkata. “The old decoder couldn’t receive signals from India, so we had to get a new one,” said an employee of Etho Metho cable service.

Channels going off air have their repercussions too. Cable operators are bombarded with complaints from their subscribers. “We get lots of complaints but we’re helpless. These things take time and we just hope that our customers understand our problem,” one cable operator said.

Television is one of the main source of entertainment and information for children, especially during vacations.

Freedom of media in Bhutan

"There is always necessary on the part of the Druk regime towards guaranteeing complete media freedom in the country to ensure that democracy would foster".

Party Presidents to debate on February 10 and February 17

January 27: The first round of debates between the Presidents of the two registered political parties sponsored by the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) will be held on February 10।

The second round of the presidential debates will be held on the February 17. The debates, which will be conducted in the capital, will be organized in collaboration with the Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation (BBSC) and will be telecast LIVE.

The Election Commission sponsored debates will be broadcast LIVE after the 6:00pm Dzongkha news। Meanwhile, the Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation will also be conducting the presidential debates between the two political parties which will be broadcast on the same day of the ECB sponsored देबतेस।

BBS debates will start after the 7:00pm Dzongkha news।

Saturday, January 5, 2008

CJMC to catch voices in exile, Saranarthi Sarokar now from 3 FM stations

Kathmandu, December 30: CJMC Community Radio 106 MHz, owned by one of the leading mass communication colleges in Nepal, has begun airing 'Saranarthi Sarokar', a weekly radio program from today.

The program is being aired from the station in coordination with Bhutan News Service.

Saranarthi Sarokar is already being aired from two other FM stations, Kathmandu-based Nepal FM 91.8 and Jhapa-based Pathibhara FM 93.6 MHz. It also goes on air at BNS website.

BT goes bi-weekly

Bhutan Times, the nation's Sunday companion, will give readers good company on Wednesdays too.

The first issue of the Wednesday issue will hit the newsstands on January 2, 2008, with exclusive coverage on the National Council elections and results.

BT has made elaborate arrangements to cover the elections fielding reporters in all dzongkhags days before the elections. "We will inform our readers not just who won and lost, but why and how they won or lost," said a BT spokesperson.

As the paper comes out on Wednesdays too, the slogan, 'your sunday companion,' will also change.

The paper's new slogan is 'The People's Paper.'

The price of both the Wednesday and Sunday issues is Nu 10.