Monday, January 28, 2008

Hooray! Toons is back on the tube

21 January, 2008 - Cheer up kids, you can now watch your favourite cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Batman, and company again because Cartoon Network (CN) is back! A favourite channel among children, Cartoon Network went off the air just as schools closed for the winter hols.
Cable operators said that it was a technical problem with the decoder, which sends signals to each cable operator.

“They were replacing the old decoders with new ones, so there’s a change in frequency and that’s why it took some time,” said Karma from Norling cable service. Norling reinstated the channel on January 10.

Etho Metho cable service told Kuensel that by today they would be receiving their receiver from Kolkata. “The old decoder couldn’t receive signals from India, so we had to get a new one,” said an employee of Etho Metho cable service.

Channels going off air have their repercussions too. Cable operators are bombarded with complaints from their subscribers. “We get lots of complaints but we’re helpless. These things take time and we just hope that our customers understand our problem,” one cable operator said.

Television is one of the main source of entertainment and information for children, especially during vacations.

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