Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Bhutan Reporter to continue, says Giri (TBR SOS)

Source: http://www.bhutannewsservice.com/
California (USA), April 29: Rajen Giri, who resides in California (USA), has once again committed his personal support, at least for one year, to make The Bhutan Reporter (TBR) printed.

"I know the TBR has important role to play in the present context of our movement for the greater cause of Bhutanese community", said the circular addressed to Bhutan News Service (BNS).

Giri said the commitment and hard work, initiated by BNS in information dissemination to exiled Bhutanese, are great and praiseworthy.

BNS has been rendering to bring out the sufferings of our people through media with many ups and downs, added he telling, "BNS is doing wonderful job despite various difficulties; but it has been able to produce the result - which is very impressive and it takes my support as granted".
Giri also appealed all exiled Bhutanese living abroad to render possible support to make TBR and The Bhutan Jagaran survived.

"It is our moral obligation to be a part of the loss if these potential papers vanish", told Giri.
Meanwhile, BNS has extended its heartfelt gratitude for getting partial support for another year.

"This is a package of motivation" said the release issued by Editor-in-Chief IP Adhikari.
Giri supported TBR with Nepali Rupees 2000 monthly, equivalent to US dollars 30 from February 2007 to February 2008. The actual cost of publication of TBR comes to be US dollars 50 per month.

Earlier this week, http://www.mediahelpingmedia.org/ published an exclusive report on closure of two exiled newspapers.

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