Monday, July 7, 2008

Journo Threatened

Source: The Bhutan Reporter, June-2008 edition
Bhupendra Timsina, Damak-based local correspondent for Nepal Samacharpatra daily in an exclusive interview with Saranarthi Sarokar at Nepal FM 91.8 on June 21, informed that he received a number of threats over telephone for reporting on ‘infiltration’ of non-Bhutanese in resettlement process. Timsina, who had written a news story regarding the infiltration of non-Bhutanese in the resettlement process on June 8 in Nepal Samacharpatra, complained BNS that he was mentally disturbed in returning to his normal duties.

According to Timsina, he is confident of the reliability of the sources for the news he covered. He further claimed that even exiled Bhutanese were also having hands in such designs.

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