Monday, July 7, 2008

Lamitare & Refugees

Source: The Kathmandu Post, July 8, 2008
I read the article, "Frail patience of Bhutanese" by Ashok Gurung (July 2) and subsequent reaction of T P Mishra, "False allegation" (July 4). The article carries useful information in favor of the Bhutanese refugees and informs the resettling authorities—UNHCR, IOM and the government—about the resettlement processes regarding selection of the vulnerable refugees, which need to be reviewed. I fully support his views. In contrary to Gurung, I find TP Mishra of APFA Bhutan trying to protect a person who is accused of writing against the refugees who supported "Durable Solution" vis-à-vis resettlement. Lamitare's contribution to the development of Nepali literature in Bhutanese community may mean something but we, Bhutanese refugees, cannot compromise with those who have tried to destabilize and defame our community.

Lamitare might be a founding member of Bhutan Press Union or a litterateur in others' eyes but he was a nuisance in the Bhutanese refugee camps. I am not surprised why TP Mishra is trying to save him. We have found APFA sympathetic to Bhutanese Maoists rather than to those who sought for a Durable Solution vis-à-vis resettlement a panacea for the exhausted refugees.

Let it be clear that we are not against any political ideology but won't tolerate violence in the refugee camps.

If Mishra argues Gangaram Lamitare is not 'Chatyang' and not the politburo member of CPB-Maoist, then he must have enough grounds to defend Gangaram Lamitare. We should not try to cover information about those who are involved in shooting refugees, attacking IOM vehicles, bombing IOM office at Damak and creating hostility amongst refugees.

By Chandraman Poudyal
Bhutanese Refugee Camp
Beldangi II, Jhapa

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