Monday, September 15, 2008

Guarantee media freedom: TWMN

September 16 is the founding day of the Bhutan Chapter of Third World Media Network. TWMN – Bhutan Chapter was recognized by the headquarters in September 16, 2006. We are very much pleased to the headquarters for giving us affiliation.

TWMN – Bhutan Chapter has not done much but it has been continuously voicing for the establishment of complete media freedom in Bhutan. On this special occasion, we vow to continue our fight for press freedom in this Himalayan kingdom.

We would like to express words of gratitude to all individuals and organizations that directly or indirectly extended support during the course of our great struggle for media freedom in Bhutan. TWMN – Bhutan Chapter expects similar support and solidarity in the days to come.

TWMN – Bhutan Chapter also demands the government of Bhutan to be serious towards guaranteeing media freedom in the country.

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