Sunday, January 25, 2009

The condition of Acharya's family members turn pathetic

Ichha K. Poudel, the camp-based Associate Editor of the Bhutan News Service (BNS informs that Shanti Ram's aged mother Soma Woti, 60, could not react to his query due to long-possessed mental harassment due to her son's imprisonment inside cruel jails. "She continues dropping tears from her eyes and I turned myself helpless to seek her reaction", says Poudel, adding that her health condition is gradually getting deteriorated due to mental pressures after knowing about her son's sentencing for seven-and-half-year.

Poudel further informs that Soma Woti's call for her innocent son's early and unconditional release, however, was time-and-again read from her facial expression. Meanwhile, Devi Charan while in an interview to BNS-run radio program Saranarthi Sarokar (Refugee Concern) at Nepal FM 91.8 in Kathmandu urges international rights groups for his early release. He says the authority's decision of sentencing Shanti Ram for seven-and-half year was never a matter of 'tolerance' for his family. "We are victimized from getting justice", says Devi Charan, who immediately maintains that Shanti Ram was never affiliated to underground armed outfit.

If you wish listening to Devi Charan's voice please
The interview is in Nepali-language.

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